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What Readers Are Saying

Sometimes, if I'm unmotivated or I get in a writing slump, I go onto #Goodreads and reread some of the reviews that Forever Burn has gotten. People have been saying amazing things about the book and I figured it would be nice to share some of them with you all. Here are ten of my favorite quotes from readers.

  1. "Trinity does an outstanding job bringing to life the complexities of dealing with the hardships that come after living through an abusive relationship."

  2. "I enjoyed every single page of it, there wasn't one page where I thought that it was boring or a page where I wanted to put the book down."

  3. "I love when stories take me on those types of emotional roller coasters. The author is so talented and truly knows how to express the emotion and make readers feel it. I cannot wait to read more books from this author!!"

  4. "Okay, I have found one of my new top books. It gave me so many ‘After’ vibes and I consequently fell in love with it immediately. It’s an emotional turmoil throughout reading, you feel anger, sadness, joy and happiness. Safe to say, I’ve completely fallen in love with Axel, he’s such a precious character."

  5. "This book is a page turner and I was addicted. This story had my emotions going crazy. I was happy, sad, angry, and just overly filled with Tate and Axels love and story. The author really brought these characters to life, and this being her first novel I think it was amazing!"

  6. "And I have to say, this one was one of those kinds that make you want to READ everything SO FAST because the curiosity is KILLING you. One hell of a story, really."

  7. "Fans of Anna Todd would love this book."

  8. "Telling about such important and triggering topics such as an emotionally and psychologically abusive past is not easy. But I have to say this new promising author did a really good job."

  9. "Stories about two broken people healing together always intrigue me. I feel like this story was done very well. Big respect to the author for handling serious themes so well. I loved the heroine, loved that she was realistic and rational girl- something we rarely see in adolescent books like this one."

  10. "What can I say, this book was BEAUTIFUL and I utterly enjoyed it."

This is just a very small handful of all the amazing feedback I've gotten from readers. I wrote Forever Burn when I was just 18 and published it at 19. So, since I am such a young and new author, it was very scary to put myself out there, especially with such a raw, emotional book with a very important theme. But over time, I have absolutely fallen in love with what I do and now instead of being scared to share my writing with the world, I'm beyond excited! Forever Frozen officially comes out on April 14th, and I am ecstatic to share the second installment of the Forever series with the world.

If you are a new writer and are considering publishing, my suggestion is... JUST DO IT! You'll never know how it's going to go until you try. And trust me, the reward is worth the work. Absolutely.

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