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Tatum Everley is a freshman at Western Michigan University. Due to an emotionally and psychologically abusive past relationship, Tate struggles from Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has been working on controlling her symptoms and flashbacks, but when she meets Axel Burne at a fraternity party, who is notorious for sleeping around and getting into fights, she tries her best to dodge the bullet. Axel starts to become intrigued by Tate, but she’s better off choosing Lucas— the sweet guy who has been trying to take her out since orientation. But even though Lucas is the better option, Axel keeps reappearing. Tate continues to try to stay away from him, but it starts becoming harder to, and as she gets closer to him, things start to get way out of hand. If Tate wants her happy ending and her sanity intact, then she has to push through the hardships and maintain control over her disorder.

Tatum and Axel defied all odds and got their happy ever after— at least that’s what they thought. 


Tate finally gained the control over her disorder that she always hoped she would. The symptoms and flashbacks have finally slowed, but was she strong enough to keep it that way? 


Axel struggled to break his worst habits, but after losing Tate once, he knows he could never do it again. He’s determined to prove himself to her and to do whatever it takes to protect her. He may have finally succeeded in breaking the habits that used to define him, but was it possible that Tate hasn’t broken hers? 


With a devotion to destruction, a relentless force is on its way to destroy the empire that Tate and Axel worked so hard to build together. And it’s not going to stop until someone pays the ultimate price.

Love is powerful, but sometimes the only person who can save you is yourself.

After the bullet that left Tatum grieving, nothing is the same. She can’t speak, sleep, or eat, and every day seems to be getting worse. As Tate tries to determine who is to blame for the tragedy that happened in her own living room, she can’t seem to point the finger at anyone other than herself. The guilt is swallowing her whole, and when losing both herself and Axel becomes too much for her, Tate has to make some very difficult decisions for herself and for those she loves most. 


In the third and final installment of the Forever Series, love, sacrifice, and redemption will mix to determine who has a chance at happily ever after.


But will happily ever after include Axel?


After the passing of her parents and a messy breakup with her now ex-fiancé, twenty-year-old Kamryn Arliss finds herself living on the corner of a busy street in San Francisco. She’s hungry, terribly thirsty, and she’s running out of motivation, but when she finally gains the courage to meet the gaze of the handsome man who glances at her each day, things may just get a little easier.


Decker Shepley’s main goal is one thing and one thing only: redemption. On his trek to and from work every day, he can’t help but notice the pretty girl with dirt-ridden skin that’s been staying outside his apartment. Although he has no idea who she is or why she’s there, something strange pulls him towards her, and it’s not long before he takes her in. He knows he can’t change his past, but if loving her with all he has is what it takes to redeem himself, then that’s what he’ll do.

Their inevitable connection grows by the day, but Decker hasn’t told Kamryn the entirety of his past, and by the time they realize they may be more tied together than they originally thought, the damage has already been done. The most unlikely and unfortunate circumstances surround their relationship, and it’s impossible for anyone to come out unscathed. Determined to be happy but destined to be heartbroken, Kamryn is faced with a choice— the past or the future? 


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