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"From Here To You" by Jamie McGuire

Jamie McGuire strikes again!! This is a beautiful read filled with redemption, love, and compassion.


I really enjoyed the characters in this one. Trex was my favorite! I loved how kind and down to Earth he was. He was always so willing to sacrifice things for Darby, which is a great example of. true love. I believe the characters were both very rational, raw, and realistic. They weren't perfect. They still had their flaws. But their relationship blossomed either way. Both of the main characters were very like-able, and the dual POV definitely helps readers get to know both characters well, shining the light on their true personalities. Seeing both perspectives truly allows you to understand their motives and goals, which is an important thing for readers, because this is how readers form an attachment to characters.

The relationship between Trex & Darby is very enjoyable. By no means was it a smooth road for them, but they made the best with could with what they had. Their playful banter was my favorite part about them. They had a swoon-worthy relationship that kept readers guessing. I think they’re a great example of the love that readers should strive to have.

When it comes to all the secondary characters, I enjoyed them as well. When it came to Trex's team of coworkers, I think it may have been beneficial to keep the group a little smaller, only because the excessive amount of characters can be confusing at times. Same goes for the hotshots. When so many different hotshots are mentioned, you have trouble pinpointing who's who and what's what, and it can become messy.

I do wish we got to see a bit more of the friendship between Darby and Carly, but I understand why we didn't.

The character development in this one is beautiful, especially for Darby. She finally allows herself to let her guard down and let Trex in, which is a very difficult thing to do after what she's been through. She is a strong woman with respectable values, a perfect example for young women who may be stuck in abusive relationships.


Overall, the plot was good. I loved how the book followed Darby throughout her entire pregnancy. It really makes readers feel like they are living it alongside her, experiencing it with her. This is super important in literature! Readers want to feel like part of the story. They want to feel like they are living it, feeling it, breathing it, with the characters. This is what brings a story to life.

There weren't a lot of plot twists in this one, which I was kind of sad about. I'm a huge fan of plot twists. But nonetheless, the ending still had my blood pumping, adrenaline racing.

I did love the ending of this one. I feel as though it was the perfect way to bring everything together. I felt satisfied finishing this book because the HEA was immaculate, beautiful.

Writing Style

Anyone who knows me personally, knows how I feel about Jamie McGuire. She is my all-time favorite author, and a huge part of that has to do with her writing style.

She writes so efficiently. She writes only what is necessary to the plot and character development.

You're never really confused about what's going on. It's rare to find any grammatical errors or technicalities. And above all, she knows exactly how to pull readers in, tug at their heart strings, and bring her characters to life.

McGuire always has a strong hook. Always. This is why there's not a single book of hers that I've started and never finished. She knows how to pull readers in and how to keep them intrigued.

Her use of emotion is top-notch, building each relationship up in order to properly tear them down when necessary. Yes, this leaves readers heartbroken and distraught at times, but any author who can make their readers feel something, is a good author.

Her characters are always so precisely flawed that they're realistic. They aren't necessarily "special" or "chosen." They're just ordinary people with incredible love stories. They're the type of characters that you'd meet in real life.


Any theme that has to do with abuse is important.

I loved the theme of “don’t classify groups of people as having the same heart,” meaning that just because two people may have similar pasts, doesn’t mean they have similar hearts. The direct comparison between Shawn & Trex is a great way to show the difference between a healthy relationship and an abusive one.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves contemporary romance, especially if you love other books by McGuire.

Jamie McGuire never fails to disappoint, and this is just another amazing book of hers to add to the list of many!

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