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5 Tips To Combat Writer's Block

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Writer's block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. It is one of the most difficult things about being a writer. It can be extremely discouraging and can occur at any moment in one's career. Here are 5 tips that help me defeat writer's block that may work for you too.

1. Read For A While

Reading always tends to help me get some extra passion flowing. I find it very helpful to read in the genre that I am currently writing in, especially when I have writer's block. Reading other's work allows me to become more determined and inspired to create my own, which as a result, allows me to push through the writer's block.

2. Spend Some Time Outside

Spending time outside can help you clear your mind of any stresses or worries, which will allow you to focus solely on your writing. Taking a walk, bike ride, or even just sitting outside for a while can be even more helpful than one would think. Writer's block for me tends to occur when my mind is running wild, unable to rid itself of random thoughts and daily worries. Spending time outside on a sunny day helps me clear my mind quickly.

3. A Change Of Writing Scenery

I'm sure that most writers will tell you that they write better in certain places rather than others. For me, I find it very difficult to write in my own room because there are so many distractions. From my television, to my messy room that I become tempted to get up and clean, distractions can prolong my writer's block tremendously. I find it most efficient to go write in a cafe, especially in Barnes and Noble or another bookstore. There's something about being surrounded by books that encourages me to write. On top of that, it's quiet and peaceful, which allows me to focus. So if you ever have writer's block, try your best to change locations in order to enter a new atmosphere and eliminate all those distractions.

4. Listen To Music

Listening to music can help stimulate your brain. I recommend listening to music that reminds you of what you are writing. For example, when I write romance, I tend to listen to love songs. It inspires me to write in that genre and sometimes even gives me new ideas for the story that I am writing. This goes for any genre. If you are writing a story about an apocalypse, maybe you'll want to listen to music about the world ending. (Kind of eerie, but I can almost guarantee that it will help.) Writing is a form of art, and music is as well, so submerging yourself with other forms of art will help get those creative juices flowing again.

5. Create A Routine

Creating a routine is one of the most important things to do in order to not only be a successful writer, but to also combat writer's block daily. Having a set writing time can help your mind get used to writing each day, which helps tremendously when it comes to writer's block. When you know ahead of time that you have to write, your mind will already work in order to come up with a clear cut idea of what to write later. It defeats the uncertainty you may have about what to write when you sit down at the computer.

These are just a small handful of many things that can help defeat writer's block. They are the top 5 things that work for me. I wish you luck in continuing your writing career and hopefully at least one of these tips can help you combat writer's block next time you face it!

Good luck and happy writing!(:

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